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Unit Converter Pro

Unit Converter Pro is a handy utility for students, teachers, and practitioners in engineering, physics, sciences, and technical subjects. It can quickly convert more than 1500 different units in 78 categories.
It contains the most important conversion factors for length, area, volume, mass, force, pressure, density, energy, power, temperature, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, and time units. But it provides many high-specialized units and categories, too.

Unit Converter Pro offers fully customizable databases.
You can add, remove, or modify units, and categories. The current version provides new conversion groups, additional units, and also contains the new unique feature: Unit Converter Pro allows you to create, customize, and print out conversion tables of every category.

Unit Converter Pro for Windows, BlackBerry OS (5.0 and higher), Android (2.1 and higher) and Palm OS (3.5 and higher) is available.

Unit Converter Pro for BlackBerry is distributed in two versions. The Lite version is freeware and has unit database that is restricted to 800 units in 20 categories. The full version is available in the BlackBerry App Store and contains the full database of units.

Unit Converter Pro for Android is currently distributed as a freeware.

Unit Converter Pro for Palm is distributed as a freeware.
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What's new?

03/24/2012 New version of Unit Converter Pro for BlackBerry
Complete Spanish and German localization. Multiple sources of currency exchange rates.

03/09/2012 Unit Converter Pro for Android
Version for Android is now available.

07/29/2011 Unit Converter Pro for BlackBerry
Version for BlackBerry smartphones is now available.

09/19/2005 New version of Unit Converter Pro for PALM - 1.1
Some changes in user interface.

12/27/2003 Unit Converter Pro - online


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