About Records

What is record?
Record is list of conversions that you can create according to your demand. You don't have to copy manually the needful data from your monitor. It is simpler, create the record with needful data and then it print via windows clipboard in your favorite word processor (Notepad, MS Word...).

What is record like?

2A hexadecimal = 42 decimal
1 yard = 0,9144 meter
1 foot = 0,3048 meter
1 kilobyte = 1024 byte
1 modem (56k) = 7000 byte/second
1 T3 (signal) = 5,592 megabyte/second (SI def.)

How can I use the records?
You can use the record function by the help of Unit Converter Pro main menu, Recordbar or shortcuts.

How can I add new item?
There are two alternatives. You can add every item manually. I comes to this, that you choose needful conversion and then you have to press the Add button or Record|Add Item. Alternatively you can run the record (Record button or Record|Record), then you will add the new item always when you press <enter>. This way is faster and more comfortable.

How can I get to know what is inside the record?
Shift cursor of your mouse on the Record button. There will be display the hint with content of the record.
Example of Record



Recordbar (click on the area of your interest)
Add Item Remove Last Item Delete All Items Copy Conversion Copy All Conversions Copy Record to the Windows Clipboard Start or Stop Recording

Add Item (Ctrl+A)
The actual conversion will be added at the end of the record.

Remove Last Item (Ctrl+M)
The last added conversion will be deleted from the record.

Delete All Items (Ctrl+D)
Delete all conversions from the record. The record will be empty.

Copy Conversion to Clipboard (F5)
The actual conversion will be inserted into the windows clipboard.

Copy All Conversions to Clipboard (Ctrl+L)
Convert the actual input value into every unit in actual category and copy results to the windows clipboard.

Example for 30° Celsius (category - Temperature):

30° Celsius = 303,15° Kelvin
30° Celsius = 30° Celsius
30° Celsius = 86° Fahrenheit
30° Celsius = 545,67° Rankine
30° Celsius = 24° Réaumur

Copy Record to Clipboard (Ctrl+O)
The record will be inserted into the windows clipboard.

Record (Ctrl+R)
Activate or deactivate the record function. If it is activated, the actual conversion will be added at the end of the record always when you press >enter<. It is faster and more comfortable than using the Add item button.