Custom Units dialog

Unit Converter Pro allows you to add units to the predefined categories or to your custom categories. You can add, modify or remove your custom units in this dialog.

Custom Units Dialog (click on the area of your interest)
Category Add Unit Modify Selected Unit Remove Selected Unit Custom Units Dialog

The name of the category which units you can modify
Choose the name of the category which units you can modify.

Add button
Displays the Add custom unit dialog, where you can add a new custom unit to the selected category.

Add Custom Unit Dialog
Add Custom Unit Dialog
Example: You can add the unit Maxwell. You know - one Maxwell is equal to 1E-8 volt second.

  1. In the "Name of Unit" field type Maxwell.

  2. In the "One of These Units is Equal to" type 1E-8.
    (You can also enter an expression 10*10^7.)

  3. Choose volt second from the list and press OK.

Modify button
Displays the Modify custom unit dialog, where you can modify the selected unit. This dialog is very similar to Add custom unit dialog and operates analogous.

Remove button
Removes the selected unit from category.